Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mobile Phone - Low Cost Phone

Low Cost S-08
Network standard: GSM900-1800MHZ
LCD:1.8-inch TFT,
MTK programme Camera:1.3-megapixel camera
Support:MP3, MP4
Support:Bluetooth Support:FM radio
Support T-flash cardTwo stereo speakers,
3 D surround support
Export models 850mAh truly safe large capacity lithium battery : Black, white, green, blue

Price: USD$95/pc
MOQ: 500 sets (USD$80/pc)

Low Cost S600
LCD:Seven colored tablets.
Battery: 600mAh
Function:Alarm clock, counter.
Calendar short note.
Electricity story-telling script.
Treasure chest. will talk over the telephone in the near future.
Safe establishment.
Electricity one sufficient
Support Chinese, English

Price: USD$45/pc
MOQ: 500 sets (USD$38/pc)

Low Cost E5I
TFT color screen high-definition
Built-in MP3/MP4 audio and video playback MTV Live
Zhenchang Phonebook: 100 SMS: 100
Super-long standby, the small ultra-thin, stylish appearance, music phone
Support multi-national language (English. Act. Arab. Russia. Malaysia. Thai. Vietnamese. Portuguese. Indonesian. Persian)
Export models

Price: USD$60/pc
MOQ: 500 sets (USD$49.90/pc)

Low Cost A-90B
Network frequency: GSM 900/1800 mhz
LCD: 1.4-inch CSTN, 128 × 128
Support for MP3, MP4 function,
Support FM Super-long standby,
Ultra-thin models
The bid was very low-end monoblock design : White, black
Support for multiple languages (English, Vietnam, Russia)

Price: USD$60/pc
MOQ: 500 sets (USD$49.90/pc)

Low Cost 1600I
65K CSTN color display
16polyphonic ring tone
Phone book:300SMS:100
FM radio(loudspeaker)MP3/MP4 playerHands-free speaker
Multi languages:English/french/arabic/battery long standby time

Price: USD$60/pc
MOQ: 500 sets (USD$49.90/pc)

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